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Commercial Vent Skirt

Model # CVS-911 AP


Our CVS-911 AP vent skirts are similar to our RVS-307 AP skirts. The CVS-911 AP is designed to protect the relief vents of commercial regulators and blow-offs with a relief vent opening of 2 inches or less.  In the case of relief vents smaller than 2 inches, simply use decreasing pipe fittings.

Again, these vent skirts are also extremely durable, inexpensive, easy to install, and they blend perfectly with the existing metering equipment.

Installation procedures allow your mechanic to install the CVS-911 AP with no interruption in gas flow.  The installation takes only minutes, and the use of the Bennett CVS-911 AP vent skirt will eliminate the costly time to de-ice meters and restore gas service.

The ultimate benefit of the CVS-911 AP vent skirt is the assurance and peace of mind that comes with customer satisfaction and safety.

​Technical Specifications

Icing Test

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