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Angled Body Vent Skirt

Model # ABVS-512 AP


This vent skirt is designed to protect the relief vents of older angled body regulator sets with a relief vent opening of 3/4 inch.

The ABVS-512 is specifically engineered to protect the relief vents of aging regulators still in service.

Schlumberger B-39, Sprague Model B, Fisher 252, and Fisher 262 are regulators that work well with the ABVS vent skirt. 

The ABVS-512 AP is similar to the RVS-307 AP EX; however, it has been improved for a better fit for certain applications. It also has an extended neck area 2 1/4 inches in length.The extended neck allows clearance in cases where the regulator interferes with the installation of the vent skirt.

The patented design includes our baffle plate on the bottom of the vent skirt. The baffle protects the vent from splash back onto the surface of the vent screen.

Technical Specifications

Icing Test

Splash Back Animation

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